Allen Edmonds Shoes

Allen Edmonds Shoes at Ernesto’s

Since 1922, Allen Edmonds has provided men with shoes that are high quality, stylish and timeless. Please request your personal catalog of Allen Edmonds shoes from Ernesto’s Custom Clothiers.

Some of the features and benefits of Allen Edmond shoes:

  • Contoured Lasts, Cork Lining Create Custom Fit
    Allen-Edmonds uses special lasts – the foot-shaped forms used to manufacture shoes – that more accurately mimic the human foot. These lasts ensure that pressure points on the foot like the big toe, the ball and the heel are properly relieved and supported. And because Allen-Edmonds uses so many different types of lasts, more varieties of feet are accommodated. A more accurate fit coupled with a special cork lining that forms to the wearer’s foot makes customers feel as if their Allen-Edmonds were custom made.
  • Special Construction Elevates Flexibility and Durability
    360º stitched Goodyear welt construction allows Allen-Edmonds to remove the metal shank found in most shoes. Allen-Edmonds “shankless” construction lets foot and leg muscles flex and relax correctly. It makes Recrafting more feasible. And because the method effectively connects the parts of the shoe subject to the most stress, it also makes Allen-Edmonds shoes last longer than other footwear.
  • Sizes and Styles Are Extensive
    Allen-Edmonds offers the widest range of sizes in the men’s footwear industry. Widths are available from AAA to EEE and sizes from 6-16. The selection of styles is equally extensive with dress, dress casual and casual categories.

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